Data protection regulations on the use of the e.Web online portal service

Australia and New Zealand

Data protection in general

Bosch Solar Energy AG collects, uses and stores your personal data exclusively in accordance with the conditions of the German Federal Data Protection Act. In the following document, Bosch Solar Energy AG aims to inform you about the type, scope and use of data collection.

Data collection and processing

Data is stored for use in answering your questions (e.g. service and maintenance purposes), processing our contracts with you, technical administration, operating mobile applications and for internal evaluations. The following data is stored:

Company name (if available)

First name (Given name)

Last name (Family name)


E-mail address

User name

Password stored in an encrypted format

Serial number of the data logger or inverter

Maximum output in kWp (kilowatt peak)

Type of internet connection

Commissioning date for your photovoltaic system

Battery capacity

Feed-in compensation in national currency

Energy yield in kWh (kilowatt-hour)

Revenue in national currency

Energy consumption in kWh (kilowatt-hour)

Configuration change history

Further personal data will only be collected if you confirm that you agree with the statements pertaining to users of the online portal. The following, optional data may be collected:

Fax number

Mobile phone number

Serial number of the irradiation and temperature sensor

Frame type

Telephone connection provider

Module temperature (if irradiation and temperature sensor present)

Solar irradiation (if irradiation and temperature sensor present)

Electricity tariff

System photos

Number of solar modules and module inclination (in degrees)

Module inclination (in degrees)

Module orientation (in degrees)

Frame manufacturer

Module manufacturer

Type of solar module

The online portal uses cookies. A cookie is a text file sent from a web page and temporarily stored on your hard drive while you are browsing that website. If you access the online portal's corresponding server again, the browser sends the previously received cookie back to the server.

The server can then analyse the information obtained by this procedure in various ways. For example, cookies can be used to control pop-up ads or simplify navigation on a website.

If you want to prevent the use of cookies, you can adjust the settings for this locally in your computer's Internet browser.

Disclosure of personal data

Bosch Solar Energy AG will not disclose personal data to third parties. The data is both organisationally and technically protected from being accessed by unauthorised third parties.

Withdrawing or refusing consent and requesting information

You have the right, at any time, to withdraw or refuse to give your consent to the use of your personal data in the future and to request the immediate deletion of all stored data.

Furthermore, you can request information about the data that is stored about you, free of charge and without providing any reasons.

You can request information, or withdraw or refuse consent simply by e-mailing us at

Deletion of data

Any personal data that is not necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained, or the use of which is not permitted for other legal reasons, will be deleted.

Please note that your data will be deleted immediately and cannot be retrieved if you do not agree to the data protection regulations and/or you withdraw your consent.

Changes to these data protection regulations

Bosch Solar Energy AG reserves the right to change these data protection regulations at any time, in line with the local data protection regulations in force.

Australia and New Zealand

This section provides you with an overview of how we handle your personal information.

Our comprehensive Privacy Policy can be accessed on our website under

Bosch is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the Information Privacy Principles described in the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.


We require personal information from an end user to enable them monitoring of solar system performance.

We collect personal information directly from the end user or an authorised representative.

Use and Disclosure

Such personal information may be used by Bosch in answering your questions (e.g. service and maintenance purposes), processing our contracts with you, technical administration, operating mobile applications and for internal evaluations. If an end user does not wish to provide Bosch and/or its authorised representative with personal information, Bosch may be unable to provide a free of charge application for monitoring of solar system performance or to provide the end user with additional customer support, services and information.

Disclosure of personal information overseas

Personal data may be stored in Bosch data centres in Singapore and Germany according to the Australian Privacy Principles and the New Zealand Information Privacy Principles.

Data Quality

We maintain and update personal information as necessary or when we are advised by individuals that their personal information has changed.

Data Security

We take steps to protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and against other misuse.

When the personal information that we collect is no longer required, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner.

Access and Correction

You can access the personal information that we hold about you, and you can ask us to correct or delete the personal information we hold about you by contacting us at